Quick update

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I know I haven’t updated the blog or portfolio in a while, this is due to the quantity of work that has flooded in over the last 4 months, and the new job I started in September. I have a list of sites ready to be added to the portfolio, hopefully the Christmas period will give me a chance to update the site content. I will also be looking at giving the website design a complete overhaul in the new year so watch this space.

The vanishing server

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Hello all, you may or may not have noticed but for the last week or so my website has been offline. This was due to the fact my hosting provider (4sites), without any warning, decided to switch off the server and ceased to exist, which was nice of them. The worst part about this was that I hadn’t backed up my website in a while and I had no way of getting access to my files or the database… that is until the lovely people at Rackspace contacted me and gave me 7 days access to the server, as they knew 4sites where not going to bother with me or the many others that had hosted with 4sites, so a big thank you to Rackspace. Luckily I have had my eye on Media temple for the last few months for hosting, so have decided to give them a go, hopefully (fingers crossed) they wont be disappearing without warning in the near future, and it will be better to be with a reputable company.

Key point of this post, don’t host your website with 4sites!


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The Vivo telecommunications website is another great design from the people at RAWWW, my role in this project was to provide the HTML templates and PHP forms so the people RAWWW could put together the site structure. This project had a very tight deadline, the website designs needed to be sliced, coded, then have content added within a few days, which was successfully done.


You can visit the Vivo website by going to www.vivotelecommunications.co.uk

Mellow Bird’s

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Mellow Bird’s are re-launching their coffee brand, and so have approached Docdata to design and develop their eBay shop. The eBay shop includes a video of the new Mellow Bird’s advert on the home page, with a list of all their merchandise underneath. As well as selling Mellow Bird’s merchandise, the site also includes links to other social network sites such as Twitter, and Facebook, so customers and fans of Mellow Bird’s coffee can interact and keep up to date with the latest Mellow Bird’s news.


This was a first for me, developing a custom eBay shop, but found the documentation very easy to follow, and tags very easy to remember, so it wasn’t too difficult to build, though I have found there are limitations on what code you can use.

You can visit the website by going to www.mellowbirds.co.uk

New semantic structure of HTML5 for all future websites

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This is a quick update on what coding practices i will be using for future projects. I will be using the new semantic structure of HTML5 for all future websites I create (whenever possible). What this basically means is that any code created using the new HTML5 mark-up will be cleaner and more structured, than HTML4, for example, in current practice, a structured page would consist of a container, header, body, content, and footer and be laid out like:

<div id=”wrapper”>
<div id=”header”></div>
<div id=”nav”></div>
<div id=”content”>
<div class=”container”></div>
<div class=”container”></div>
<div class=”container”></div>
<div id=”footer”></div>

and with the new HTML5 it would be layed out instead like:


See how clean and easy to follow HTML5 is compared to HTML4, this will also put your code ahead of the game. You can read more about HTML5 by visit orderedlist.com/articles/structural-tags-in-html5.

The Batter Company

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Finally the batter company website goes live! This quirky little website (pictured below) was designed by Coventry based design agency RAWWW and has been converted from a flat HTML website, to the official blog site of the batter company based in Nuneaton, so customers can keep up to date on the latest offers and news. The site uses WordPress for its CMS, for its ease of use and SEO qualities. The site is also a central point for its social networking tools including Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, where people can interact with the company and each other. 


You can now view the live website by visiting www.thebattercompany.co.uk

Networking with Twitter

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Recently I have read in .Net magazine and various other blogs about twitter, in fact since around November 2008 I kept hearing the word twitter mentioned all over the place. When I first heard about Twitter I didn’t see the point of it, but after reading more about it, I thought I have to try this to see what all the fuss was about.

After signing up for a twitter account and having a play around with it, I quickly realized the potential benefits of using twitter, it allows you to be in contact with people without hassling them with emails, nudges, pointless quizzes etc.., so it makes a great tool for networking. As well as this, it’s not invasive of your personal life (unlike facebook), it’s an extremely simple idea (you follow me and I will follow you), and extremely easy to use and integrate elsewhere. I have also read it’s great for SEO as well.

So if you want to follow me on Twitter then go to twitter.com/keefster.

Commission for youth social enterprise website goes live

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At the beginning of February I was approached by RAWWW (www.rawww.com) to build a website they had designed for the Commission for Youth Social Enterprise using WordPress for the cms. After spending the last 2 years using ExpressionEngine I thought it would be a nice change to try out a new CMS, and the design is fantastic. Clean, bright and clear (as you can see from the screen shot below).


Within the first week of using WordPress I had managed to learn and implement themes, theme creation, template tags, plug-in’s and the admin area, it’s ridicules how easy it is to customize and manage a website using WordPress. if I had known how easy it was to use I would have started using it from day 1, don’t get me wrong ExpressionEngine is far superior, but for a lot of websites, it’s a bit overkill and it’s not free.

Anyway… the site took roughly 2 weeks to build (which is not bad for my first WordPress website), and pretty much everything is content managed (including the header images). I will defiantly be using WordPress from now on after this expreience. You can see the live website at www.yse.org.uk.